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Laurèl, founded in Munich in 1978, has its  headquarters at 28 Einsteinring Aschheim in Munich, Germany. 

Laurèl is deeply influenced by the German philosophy of "aesthetic of order." The brand adheres to the design philosophy of "Simplicity Power, Rational Balance." Laurèl embraces warm and bright joyful colors as its main tone, infusing modern life with emotions and warmth.

"See • Feel • Love" is Laurèl's brand slogan, conveying the message that Laurèl loves fashion: from admiring Laurèl's extraordinary creativity to experiencing Laurèl's softness and comfort, one cannot help but fall in love with Laurèl.

Through exquisite tailoring and high-end exquisite materials, Laurèl creates simple, artistic, and modern style.

The brand focuses on rational exploration of selfworth and values, while also cherishing emotional concern for social and humanistic issues.

Laurèl respects the independent aesthetics of women and provides a full-category dressing experience with “workplace” as the core scene; creates a rational, warm, and German lifestyle for urban elites.